The season is right here and amidst decorating those super stylish looks, did you skip keeping a check on your nails? Selecting the right outfit surely does take a long time but what if your nails end up looking chipped and brittle?

Without a doubt, there are many pros out there who can apply the fine coat with a single swipe, and we all wonder how they accomplish it. Yes, we understand, and there are a plethora of simple and time-saving options available, such as press-on nails, nail decals, and nail decoratives, to simply add to your manicure enhancement routine for that quick pop of colour, design, and so on. 

Most people enjoy doing their own nail art and are delighted with the results because it gives them a sense of contentment, self-love, happiness, and pride. To top it all off, one holy grail product known as nail wrap or manicure polish strips has made the nail beautification regime even easier. 

You're probably wondering what these nail wraps or nail polish strips are. As the name implies, they're 100% dried nail polish strips that you just apply to your nails. Doesn't that sound intriguing and thrilling? This golden product allows us to get the most professional-looking nails in little time at the convenience of our own. Since they have their own set of rules, it's crucial to acknowledge everything there is to know about this pinnacle before jumping into the trend. Follow along as we give you a good guide on how to get started with using a nail polish strip. 


Nail wraps, also known as nail polish strips, are simply polished stickers composed of 100% nail lacquer with three layers: the first is the adhesive layer, the second is the nail polish colour or pattern on the first layer, and the third layer is a topcoat. 

Nail wraps are normally available in various pre-cut sizes that seek to cover the entire nail-like any nail polish would, you can also find them added to any design to your nail beauty regimen. Though they are sold individually for the hands and toes, it is perfectly acceptable to use them in any way you see appropriate and to be creative with them. 

Nail polish strips are available in a variety of colours, solids, glitters, gradients, patterns, and designs. They help you to avoid all of the hassle and waiting involved in getting that perfect diva-like mani. You can also combine different colours and patterns to create your own mind-blowing aesthetic in minutes, if not seconds. 

We know you're already sold, but there's more, so keep reading... 


Yes, they are completely and absolutely safe. Made with non-toxic, harmful-chemical free formula, and being completely vegan and cruelty-free, they're a quick and easy way to receive a high-quality manicure in no time. The adhesive used in the creation is gentle to the nails and will not do any damage, as we indicated previously about how they are manufactured and being 100% real dried nail polish. 


When it comes to the lasting power of a nail polish strip, you will be happily pleased, as they may last anywhere from 14 to 31 days, which is quite outstanding. But here's the catch: the durability of these nail strips is entirely dependent on us, how we maintain our nails, the activities we engage in, how carefully we apply them, and so on. 


Step 1: To enjoy a smooth mani, it is essential to prepare first. Before enhancing the beauty of your nails, it is always best to do the following- Push your cuticles in, and then clean, buff, file, and shape your nails as desired. 

Step 2: Using the ethanol pad or alcohol prep pad or simply called a nail wipe, clean and wipe your nails to eliminate any extra moisture, oils, and to cleanse and prepare the nail beds. This is also used as a disinfectant. 

Step-3 Now take the nail strips and select the appropriate size for your fingers; they come with a translucent sheet on top, so don't forget to remove it, which leads us to some sticking. 

Step 4: Once you've decided on a size, peel off the nail strip and put it to your nails as you see fit. You can stretch them out slowly to adjust to your nail bed, but don't be too harsh because they're very thin and fragile in nature. Using the other end of a cuticle pusher, gently smooth it down from your cuticles to the top of your finger as you apply it. 

Step 5: After applying the nail stickers, file them off in one direction, focusing more on the downward direction; they will simply fall off. You don't need scissors or knives in this case because they are too gentle and delicate to wear. 

Step-6 This is an optional step, but you should know that you can seal the deal with a topcoat for added safety and a flawless finish with a touch of gloss. If you prefer, you may simply leave it at that and your nails will still be flawless. 


These methods are simplified to start experimenting with the golden product called nail strip/nail wrap/nail polish strips. We look forward to seeing you get thrilled and confident enough to get your nails done in no time. 

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