Nail Polish StripsNail Polish Art Strip Colours that would Look Great on Dark Skin
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Nail Polish Art Strip Colours that would Look Great on Dark Skin

Choosing your nail polish art strip colour is probably not the most difficult decision you’ll have to make in a day. However, there are so many stick-on polish shade possibilities that it can take a long time. Thankfully, there are a plethora of colour and pattern options to choose from, making selecting colours that match your skin tone a breeze.


Almost every day, a new nail colour, or a nail polish art design is released. Brown-skinned ladies, there are a plethora of hues created specifically for you. The best nail polish art strip colours for dark skin tones come in almost every colour of the rainbow. True, there isn’t a single colour that doesn’t look great on a melanin-rich complexion. Deep, sultry colours blend well with dark skin tones, while high-impact shades stand out.


If you normally stick to the same manicure strip colours for your dark skin, know that you can’t go wrong with a little experimentation. We’re all guilty of being captives of habit when it comes to our favourite nail colours, but allow yourself to experiment more with bold, brighter tones and nail art design strips that will pop against your deep complexion or neutral shades that will fit your skin well. Take a step outside of your nail comfort zone and check out these seven unique nail polish colour strips that look well on dark complexion tones.

The 7 Best Nail Polish Colour Strips for Dark Skin



A neutral caramel nail polish colour is appropriate for a minimalist and looks especially good when paired with similar accessories. If you want something more professional, opt for a plain, glossy finish.


Venture into the season with citrus-inspired manicures that look especially good on dark complexion tones. Using the complete orange and yellow spectrum with attractive yet easy designs on the polish strips is the way to go.


Searching for the perfect magic pink nails to make a statement this season? This cool shade combines holo design with dreamy thoughts for a nail aesthetic that stands out against dark skin tones.


Try out any pastel hue with a solid olive green for an extra sweet look, the cream colour and the olive makes a perfect combination for a subtle yet outstanding look that works great on a darker complexion.


Simply combine all your favourites for a multi-coloured mani that’s perfectly suited for any time and that has become even simpler and easier with our carnival polish strip that has perfect combos of bright and solid shades.


Who doesn’t love the use of wavy lines with black and white polish to create an outstanding zebra-stripe look? This artsy nail polish strip will level up your manicure game to another level. The easy to use nail polish strips are just fine to create an amazing artistry look on the go.


Choose a vivid blue, such as this beautiful cobalt shade. If you’re feeling particularly fiery, try recreating the above with a metallic embellishment in the centre for an edgy touch.


A light pink tone provides a pleasant wash of muted colour on the nails. You can add as many accents as you want, but the light pink tone here will make your nails look stunning.

Bottom Line

Some endless possibilities and creatives can be completed as soon as possible by simply using a nail polish art strip, which is incredibly simple to apply and safe. So, don’t think about it any longer and get started on your artistic nail look in no time.

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